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An absurdly talented musician and songwriter

Cassie Fox


The next artist to make an impact on the London Jazz Scene, following in the footsteps of numerous London musicians including Moses Boyd and Nubya Garcia is guitarist and vocalist Jelly Cleaver. Fans of Esperanza and Hiatus Kaiyote should take note.

Tina Edwards

Supreme Standards/Worldwide FM

Cleaver is an artist who is pushing jazz forward way beyond her peers

C F Smith

Twisted Soul

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Goat Girl, PVA, Dan Carey, And Many More Contribute To New Charity Release

Out now, all proceeds are split between All African Women's Group, Mass Action and Project Play, and the tracklist is a vital cross-section of forward-thinking music.

Speedy Wunderground lynchpin Dan Carey appears, alongside the fantastic Goat Girl, PVA, Pet Grotesque, Italia 90, Jelly Cleaver, and more.

The Ivors reveal nominees for Composer Awards 2020

Organisers say the blind judging process has ensured a spread of emerging and established talent, with nods this year for the likes of Alex Hitchcock, Jelly Cleaver, Mark Lockheart and Renell Shaw with his windrush suite which premiered here on Jazz FM.

5 Young composers you need to know about

Called “the next artist to make an impact on the London jazz scene” by Supreme Standards, Jelly Cleaver is a singer-songwriter based in South London, who is heavily involved in the jazz and punk London scenes. A self-described activist, Cleaver’s music often features themes of political dissent. Jelly released an album last year called The Dream Jazz Manifesto. One of the tracks “What Is Understanding” was inspired by Dr Susuki and the ideas of Zen Buddhism and has been nominated for an Ivor Novello Award.  

On Repeat The Podcast

Jelly Talks to On Repeat The Podcast about genres, love and politics.

Catching Up With... Jelly Cleaver

Sophie Wales catches up with guitarist, producer, and singer-songwriter Jelly Cleaver, who is now based in London, but grew up in Southamptonattention...

Concert Cribbs

Cleaver, the 24-year-old band leader from Southampton, said: “There’s so much pressure, it’s not necessarily the best time to be writing music because it’s such an overwhelming time.”

Listening to the likes of John Coltrane’s ‘Naima’ and Jeff Buckley’s ‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Over’ to lift her spirits and get her through the lockdown, Cleaver said: “Music is a way to manipulate people’s emotions.”

Keep Walking Music

Jelly Cleaver released a beautiful new track last week, and upon hearing it for the first time, we knew it was something special. Titled ‘Feeling Fine’, the new indie electronic record gives us a small taste of Jelly Cleaver’s impeccable writing style. It’s catchy, it’s fun, but more importantly, it stands out.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think, interested in hearing more? Make sure to connect with the promising artist online.

Electric Sound of Joy

The incomparably monikered Jelly Cleaver has delivered something delectable on this collaboration with Shunaji and Maddy Coombs.

Where The Music Meets

Jelly Cleaver is a Jazz meets RnB newcomer. She joined with rapper Shunaji and saxophonist Maddy Combs, to make what is probably the best Summer-calling track we listen to this year. Feeling Fine has a chilled vibe that finds greatness both in the catchy chorus and the gorgeously melodic solos. A song that talks about good times, and that clearly transmits those vibes to the listener. This is like a gentle breeze that stays for a full afternoon. We can’t get enough of it.

Pan African Music

A real ray of sunshine in these difficult times, “Feeling fine” opens a window on the beautiful summer days while revealing the beatmaker talents of Jelly Cleaver.

When The Horn Blows

‘Feeling Fine’ is all about the feel-good vibes. With laid-back, bass-heavy melodies infused with Maddy’s oh-so-smooth saxophone, the track resembles a refreshing breeze on a beautiful summer’s day, ice cool Hip-Hop elements, led by Shunaji, perfectly complimenting the groovy flow .

Here is a track to leave all worries at home and bask in golden rays of sunshine. 

Indie Shuffle

If isolation is getting you down here's something to cheer you up. "Feeling Fine" is a good time anthem from three exception talents; rising London songstress, Jelly Cleaver, rapper, Shunahi, and saxophonist, Maddy Coombs.


For this month’s lockdown session Emma is joined by primo south London producer Footshooter for a self-isolated interview and tune selections. Guitarist and producer Jelly Cleaver also rings in a few words. Music from Thundercat, Hector Plimmer, Ma Moyo and Baltimore’s Joy Postell plus more.

Ninety One Livingroom Podcast

Jelly Cleaver is a band leader, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer based in South London, and has been called ‘the next artist to make an impact on London’s Jazz Scene’ by Supreme Standards. With an eclectic taste in music, Jelly is heavily involved in both the jazz and DIY/punk scenes in London. She’s also an activist, and a strain of political dissent runs through her music...

East London’s favourite jazz hideaway, Ninety One Living Room is home to the capital’s underground jazz community, showcasing legendary artists alongside fresh young talent on its stage through a rich, multicultural programme. The Ninety One Living Room podcast is a series of interviews with the club’s Creative Director, Juliet Kennedy, with the artists who you can expect to hear on the stage.

Onefest : Sheffield Leadmill : Live Review

Band wise in-between the talks there is a diverse series of sets from a thrilling collection of young bands. Jelly Cleaver marry a powerful rock undertow with political songs for the new young generation and a great skronk jazz breakdowns. They are totally original and quite wonderful and their ambitious music is delivered with a powerful and successful focus. It can’t be that long before they become festival favourites.

Infinite Pop Underground Podcast

For the first ever Infinite Pop Underground podcast we talk to the London singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer Jelly Cleaver. Jelly headlined an IPU gig we put on last year at DIY Space For London and has helped us curate the next gig. Jelly plays guitar in Queen Colobus who will be joined by Breakup Haircut and POP Miri for th enext IPU night on Saturday 21st March 2020, tickets here.

Jelly talks about balancing her musical life between the jazz and punk world, berets, playing wembley, recording her latest album The Dream Jazz Manifesto, Angela Davis, freedom, activism, community, and offers us some tips on building the Infinite Pop Underground. 

Jazzwise Review

The evening began with a jam led by singer/guitarist Jelly Cleaver, who emphasises an inclusive, encouraging atmosphere to develop musicians.


Jelly Cleaver is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and activist whose myriad influences span 70s soul, disco, rock and the current jazz and DIY/punk scenes in London.

Produced By A Girl Podcast

So honored to announce incredible Jelly Cleaver is joining our Podcast this weekend! Her songs and messages are Out of this World brilliant - true musical genius at work and if you love powerful artists with powerful messages in their artistry she’s it. Listening to her music reminded me of Lauren Hill. And you know you’re going to be on a journey of introspection after listening to her music if not sonically blessed for the year!

Netil Radio - Sara El Harrak w/ Jelly Cleaver

Jelly talks about her new project, women in jazz and registering to vote

GW Jazz - Jazz in the Present Tense

Talented young singer songwriter and activist Jelly Cleaver Joined host Gordon Wedderburn on Riverside Radio to talk about her fantastic new album, "The Dream Jazz Manifesto", and the upcoming launch, among other bits. Needless to say, the album itself was the soundtrack for the show and made for wonderful listening. Check it out!

Jazz Diary \\ Great things happening in September

Quirky singer-songwriter Jelly Cleaver is inspired by Jazz and folk when it comes to writing songs about self-discovery and activism. She plays Tuck Shop on 12 September. 

Get In Her Ears with Jelly Cleaver

Mari & Kate were back in the studio this week with a plethora of new music from the likes of Seazoo, Jenny Hval, Calva Louise, Glossi, BONES UK & Babeheaven.

They were joined by artist and producer Jelly Cleaver, who talked about her DIY ethos, her activism, and her jazz punk fusions.

Jelly Cleaver – The Dream Jazz Manifesto

I love album titles that perfectly describe the music that you’re in for; The Dream Jazz Manifesto is exactly that, dreamy jazz music. Though jazz music can often come with the “pretentious” tag, I feel that Jelly Cleaver has avoided seeming pretentious on this release while still maintaining an apt musical sensibility and air of confidence.


“Here, for a moment, for the length of an album, the rule of imagination is king and anything might just be possible. Beauty and brutal included.”


Jelly Cleaver has a truly awesome album just out, and excitingly she’s coming to play the launch of our new acoustic night on 10 July at the Old Queen’s Head – so we asked her 10 questions in the run up!

Album: Jelly Cleaver – The Dream Jazz Manifesto

‘The Dream Jazz Manifesto’ by Jelly Cleaver is one of those albums that will be stuck on repeat for a very long time.

Unraveling Learned Structures – A Q+A With Renaissance Woman Jelly Cleaver

A few weeks ago, Bored In Pittsburgh featured the track “VI II V” by London-based artist Jelly Cleaver. A true polymath, she ties together threads from classic rock, jazz, philosophy, poetry, and politics to create a rich musical experience on both her 2017 debut Cure For An Existential Crisis and her new release The Dream Jazz Manifesto. It’s hard to believe that one person can conjure such an immersive experience from her own bedroom, but Jelly Cleaver pulls it off with aplomb. She was kind enough to share with me her thoughts on music, epistemology, and current events; check it out below.

WW Daily: Tina Edwards with Jelly Cleaver // 24-05-19

Tina is joined in the studio by South London songstress Jelly Cleaver.

Jazz Diary \\ Fantastic things happening this June

Weekly event Woodburner is held in Dalston Eastern Curve Garden every Tuesday in the Summer, giving Londoners a rural festival feel in North London. On 18 June, South London’s PYJÆN, Brothers Testament, and Jelly Cleaver head North.


Jelly Cleaver is a firm favourite here at LOUD WOMEN HQ. An absurdly talented musician and songwriter, she’s also got lovability in spades – she’s friendly and self-effacing despite being A-list beautiful and having the voice of an angel (an angel who can also do loads of really clever stuff with a guitar). And she’s got bags of proper punkrock scene integrity – you’re as likely to see her working the door of a LOUD WOMEN gig as playing on stage*. But Jelly’s music isn’t punkrock, per se. Hold on to your hats: Jelly plays jazz.

The Dream Jazz Manifesto - Jelly Cleaver (Album Review)

London guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer Jelly Cleaver has released her debut album The Dream Jazz Manifesto which displays her DIY jazz-punk-soul style with aplomb, as her vocals and lyricism resonate the power of the social movements she is inspired by.

Bored In Pittsburgh

London singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jelly Cleaver describes herself as a mix between “Jeff Buckley and Beyonce, or between Joni Mitchell and Ornette Coleman.” It’s as apt a description as any, since her music pulls from a number of different influences and is truly difficult to categorize. “VI II V,” from the new album The Dream Jazz Manifesto, is a perfect example; each verse could reasonably be placed within a separate genre.

Grafitti Vibe - The Vibe

‘VI II V’ is the debut single from Jelly Cleaver’s upcoming album, which will be released later this year. It was premiered on BBC Radio 1xtra by Moses Boyd and has since been taken up by online radio in both the UK and USA.

GW Jazz: Jazz in the Present Tense

Talented young singer songwriter and activist Jelly Cleaver Joined host Gordon Wedderburn on Riverside Radio to talk about her fantastic new album, "The Dream Jazz Manifesto", and the upcoming launch, among other bits. Needless to say, the album itself was the soundtrack for the show and made for wonderful listening. Check it out!

New & Noteworthy: Jelly Cleaver – VI II V

I first stumbled upon Cleaver while checking out Supreme Standards and was instantly drawn by her unique and quirky aesthetic. A graduate from Tomorrow’s Warrior – a jazz-focused community initiative that has nurtured the likes of Moses Boyd and Nubya Garcia she’s set to follow in their illustrious footsteps.attention...

Zap! Bang! Magazine Interview

Jelly Cleaver is a guitarist, producer and singer-songwriter based in South London. Jelly is involved in both the jazz and DIY/punk scenes, as well as being an activist, leading to a strain of political dissent running through her music. We caught up with Jelly to chat about her new album, The Dream Jazz Manifesto.

Jazz Diary \\ Brilliant things happening in London this May

As a member of Tomorrow’s Warriors Female Frontline, Jelly Cleaver is following in the mentored footsteps of Moses Boyd, Nubya Garcia and Sheila Maurice-Grey. ‘The Dream Jazz Manifesto’ is a promising debut that will peak the interest of Esperanza Spalding fans especially.

Friday Riff

Jelly Cleaver is a rising jazz singer, guitarist, and member of "Tomorrow's Warriors Female Frontline". Ahead of her album's release in May try this brilliantly unorthodox but catchy track 

In conversation with musician, producer and activist Jelly Cleaver

Multi-tasking as a guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer and activist, Jelly delivers acute social observations and messaging through her music and live shows.

New Sound 010 \\ Jelly Cleaver: The next artist to make an impact on London’s Jazz scene

With an ethereal and slightly psychedelic sound showcased in her most recent single ‘VI II V’, Jelly Cleaver is the next musician to graduate from the mentorship of Tomorrow’s Warriors. If you’re a regular gig-goer on London’s Jazz scene, you might have seen Jelly performing with the Tomorrow’s Warriors Female Frontline. Fans of Esperanza and Hiatus Kaiyote should take note of Jelly’s upcoming album; quirky songwriting and mysterious lyrics meet with big topics in Jelly’s solo tracks. 

With ‘The Dream Jazz Manifesto’ landing at the end of May, we talk to Jelly to get a glimpse of what to expect from her hotly-anticipated debut album. 

Jelly Cleaver: Charging with Tomorrow’s Warriors into a brighter future

Live review by Louise Goodger – Jelly Cleaver at The Canteen, Bristol, 22/03/19


This week's FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK is the very talented  singer-songwriter, musician  & producer JELLY CLEAVER

Jelly Cleaver: VI II V

In der sprudelnden Londoner Jazz-Szene arbeitet sich Jelly Cleaver langsam ins öffentliche Bewusstsein. Mit VI II V erscheint die erste Single ihres kommenden Debüt-Album.ion...

Jelly Cleaver: VI II V – video of the day

Our video of the day is Jelly Cleaver’s new single, VI II V – a piece of art in equal parts strange and beautiful. Honey-sweet vocals over a panorama of jazz guitar, orchestral sweeps and oh my word that organ – I honestly don’t what this all is, but I know that I love it.

Jelly’s debut album ‘Cure for an Existential Crisis: Four Suites and One Song Exploring the Crisis of Living and the Fear of Death’ is not for the faint-hearted. The title alone ought to tell you that, but just in case that wasn’t clear, I’m telling you, too. This is not an album you pop on and forget you are listening to. This is an album to listen to on a grey day when the world is troubling and you want to get to know yourself a little better. It reminds me a lot of early Laura Marling in that it’s like being taken on a trip that shows the everyday to you afresh, revealing the hidden passions we usually let our gaze skip over.

Jelly Cleaver is an eager and fiercely ambitious up-and-comer singer-songwriter on the London gig scene who recently self-produced and released her album, Cure for an Existential Crisis. I met Jelly in Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden in late October and we talked about Morrissey, the Buckley men, and performing at an all-you-can-eat.

Imagina que el espíritu del difunto Jeff Buckley se apoderara del cuerpo y de la voz de la muy vital Beyoncé. Entretente en la contemplación mental de un universo paralelo e hipotético en el que a la ex-Destiny’s Childse le bajara la libido y le diera por versionar el “Hallelujah” de Leonard Cohen. O a Joni Mitchell. Quizás incluso a Father John Misty, si la cosa se pusiera muy loca. Añádele al híbrido mental un acento del sur de Inglaterra, una guitarra jazzera tapizada con pop barroco e improvisación, y un toque final de orquestación y rocío mañanero. Visualízalo. Hazte un esquema o un bocetillo, lo que te vaya mejor.

La joven cantante, compositora y multi-instrumentista británica Jelly Cleaver estrena en exclusiva para Muzikalia el videoclip de “Secret, Pt. 2”, último single de su álbum debut, Cure for an Existential Crisis.

Huddled in an inconspicuous and fairy-lit basement on Hawthorn Terrace, I find myself delving into a rabbit hole of musical conversation with singer-songwriter Jelly Cleaver before she takes to the stage. Describing herself as a cross between “a folk singer and jazz guitarist”, it’s difficult not be in awe of the effortless style and demeanour of Jelly. Totally relaxed in the wake of her oncoming performance, it is clear that she belongs in the atmospheric zen of Thorn’s pilot Secret Gig.

There’s something a little magical behind the eyes of Jelly Cleaver. Something almost tangible. With the music of Esperanza Spalding and Jeff Buckley ‘practically in [her] blood’, she combines transcendent, yet comfortingly natural vocals (clearly mirroring her general being), with exquisitely masterful jazz guitar to create something quite beautiful. But hand-in-hand with such beauty comes a social awareness that filters increasingly undiluted into her work, giving her music grit and power.

Anjelica “Jelly” Cleaver from Southampton will sing at the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival on August 28 to 31. It is expected that more than 26,000 people will gather for the four day festival when the town is transformed into the “Blues Basin” of Britain and will see the likes of Courtney Pine, Avery Sunshine, Coco Montoya, Davina & the Vagabonds and The Revolutionaires all performing…

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